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Uprooted, yet breathing!

Soft hands clutched my roots with affection,
A gentle touch cushioned me with tenderness,
Varied colours, fragrances engulfed my presence,
Battle pitch seemed tough, but I was up for it.

With each dawn came a sweet prayer of dew,
Cheerful blossoms spread sparks of envy,
Radiant spirits intimidated me,
Outstretched my neck, I aimed for greater heights.

Kind hearts graced me with gushing purity,
Countless withers and blooms were captured,
Sunshine patches made me a budding star,
For nature began to respect me.

Sun-kissed winds brought endless smiles,
Love-dipped water nurtured my soul,
Each day I saw life, each day I saw death,
Yet pride, honour and respect grew ten folds.

Life seemed blissful, till destiny played foul,
Mankind’s fury bloodied my world,
With grit I tried to hold my roots strong,
But defeat had its the last laugh.

Pain ripped through my heart as I laid motionless,
Wicked smiles morphed open clouds above,
Fragile, teary eyes sought bright light,
For blemished darkness left me uprooted.

My perplexed soul struggled to find a saviour,
With excruciating agony it fluttered its wings,
Though orphaned, its fight oozed incredible valour,
My eyes closed forever, yet I keep breathing.


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