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The first thing one tell you if you go on a diet is to avoid ‘Chocolates and Cheese’. But I say, don’t even care to listen to such people instead just indulge 🙂 All you need to know is when and how!!!

The worst thing for one to do is give up their temptations and deprive themselves of all the emotional craving for yummies like choc & cheese. Out of experience I have learnt that nothing can replace the taste and feeling of putting a delicious chocolate pastry in your mouth and some melting cheese… Sounds delicious right?

To make life simple, I have realised that no food is actually bad food. All we need to know is how much is good enough and when is the right time to consume it. For all those who have struggled to avoid their craving for such treats, while on a diet, the funda is very simple — Have it guilt free at the time when your body is like a fat furnace!

Have your chocolate pastry as a whole meal. Don’t have it as a desert. This way you ensure that your limiting your calorie count to around 400 for that one meal. The best time to have your pastry is in the first half of your day. You can have it for breakfast or for lunch… at the max you can consume it before 6 pm. After that avoid consuming chocolates since the only way it will be stored is as fat… and no we don’t want that 🙂

As for cheese is concerned… remember every diet tells you to have 5-6 mini meals throughout the day 🙂 does it ring a bell? well just include a cube of cheese as your mini meal.. SIMPLE!!! Have it as your mid-morning meal or have it with your sandwich in the morning… it really wouldn’t do much harm. Infact according to research including dairy products in your diet enhances your calcium intake.

So, don’t worry too much. For all those who love the feeling of chocolate oozing out of a pastry and cheese melting from their garlic breads… don’t ignore that temptation and instead live with it at the right time 🙂

FYI — If you just let your body and brain know that you are going to consume something calorific, believe you me it will accept it more willingly. On the other hand if your brain keeps  saying no to one ingredient then your body will not accept any amount of that food. So let your mind be ready for the indulgence and just enjoy the treat 🙂



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