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The first murder I commit is that of waking up at 5.30am on a SUNDAY! only to realise that in no time I become a SERIAL SUNDAY KILLER.

I cannot remember the last time I woke up at my own sweet time on a Sunday morning. Whom do I blame for this state of mine? My work, my colleagues or my life in totality!!!

No matter how much I try to avoid paying too much attention to the relaxing Sunday moments… it is so tough to not think about what I might be missing.

Sitting at work on a Sunday with only your computer for company… my mind thinks nothing more than all those people who are super lucky to get a much deserving SUNDAY off!!!

What makes matters worse for me is that most of India’s World Cup matches this year are played on Sunday… making me firstly work more and secondly miss a lot of cricketing action!!!

The feeling of sitting comfortably on your couch with a packet of calorie-filled chips and watching an India WC encounter on a Sunday… is all together different.

I at times feel fortunate to have been working for a news channel, which gives me a chance to see a lot of cricketers and experts… but on the flip side I have to work on match days!!! This is not fair especially for someone who is a cricket lover… and also a SUNDAY lover!!!

Hoping to convert my craving for a perfect Sunday into reality… Fingers Crossed!


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Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning — Bill Gates

I don’t know what Bill Gates was thinking when he said this… but the only thing that comes to my mind is SLEEEPPPPP 🙂

I may not have had much to write about offlate, though some fantastic fun has been happening. However, today the only thing that has kept me happy all day is an absolutely deserving SUNDAY MORNING sleep that seemed to have had some issues with me for a really long time.

After an enthralling FIFA WC match between England and USA on Saturday night, I hit the sack laughing at the bummer from Team England. But what gripped me soon was the thought of the next day being a Sunday and the fact that I did not have to go to work, gave me my launch pad for the best Sunday morning I could ever have.

With my mind conditioned and set for a marathon sleep session, I picked up a novel to kick start my journey of midnight dreams. With the window left open and with cool breeze kissing my face, I instantly knew that I am going to be getting the much deserved sleep. I soon slipped the blanket over me, kept my novel aside, switched off the lights, said a small prayer and closed my eyes into deep slumber.

Thankfully it was a night of beautiful dreams and not nightmares. The next thing I remember was the sight of my phone buzzing… with great effort I picked up the ‘sleep disturber’ and received the call waiting. The only thing I remember saying was ‘hmmmmmmm’ 🙂

The Sunday morning fiesta continued till noon… until my mother decided that she had had enough of me resting, when there were many things lined up for me to do at home. I woke up to see the clouds covering the sun and the wind blowing gently. A stretch and a comfortable yawn, added an icing to the cake. I got off the bed, stood on my feet lazily and thanked the almight Lord for a blissful SUNDAY MORNING!!!

The feeling has been kept an unending smile on my face… even as I write this blog. Let us be honest, after a hectic week the last thing you really want is a peaceful and much deserved sleep.  I got that feeling today after ages, and thought its best to remind you guys that nothing can ever give you this feeling of peace from within 🙂

Keep the comments coming in




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"The way of the world is  — meeting people through other people," Robert Kerringan.

Over two years back, not many people would have brought this idea. However, in the present scenario, this formulae seems to be more applicable.

How many of you know people because he or she is somewhere related to the world of friends you already have. It all seems more like a chain reaction and ironically there always is some common connection or thread that leads to, whether you like it or not, much more.

Keeping the increasing liking towards social networking sites across the world in mind, I have observed that life has become much more communicative and let me not forget by adding — the world has now become a much smaller place.

Personally, in recent times, I myself added a couple of people in my friend list on Facebook only to realise the last person I added already knew three friends of mine 🙂 It just amazes you at times how the world has become so well connected thanks to these social networking sites.

Also let me add something interesting here. These sites have also become a nice excuse for those people, who are in a lookout for a matrimonial alliance, to sorta begin and maintain a rapport with someone they are interested in. The result = You get to know the person, and you save up on the money in the matrimonial site. Couple of guys have approached me in the past with a perfect introduction of how they saw my profile on a matrimonial site and how they thought it was a superb idea to get to know me before taking any decision.

So, well it is fun at times… but then to be honest at times these sites can be a spoiler.  Someone rightly said, "Apple and Blackberry were better off when they were only fruits." 

For instance, the other day I was out for a cup of coffee with a friend and saw a group of people chit chatting away to glory. Amidst all the animation, one of the guys just cared less and continued Facebooking on his Blackberry. Grrrrr!! my instinct was shouting, "Oh boy… get a life:)" But then it was evident that it is no more fun for him but an ADDICTION!!

Nevertheless, there is absolutely no doubt that social networking sites are fun and add some interesting element, especially when you are super bored at work 🙂 (like in my case). But, I feel, there needs to be a reality check of the same because like they say, anything in excess is harmless.

Till then.. happy social networking 🙂


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July 5, 2000
"Chaachaa… bas Eros ke wahan par rok dijiye," a confused girl just fresh out of school tells the elderly taxi driver.
Giving one glance to the metre, in a tired voice he says, "Madam pandhrah rupaiah ho gaye hai."
Checking a classic Titan wrist watch in style, I realised I’m 10 mins late for my first ever lecture in college. With haste, I put my hand in the front pocket my hangbag, fetch a Rs 50 note and hand it over to the cabbie.
"Madam pacchas ka chutta nahi hai humare paas," he snapped back, annoyed with the amount of his ‘bhaada’ time I have already eaten.
Wondering what to do next, an already hasstled me said, "Lekin chaacha humare paas chutta nahi hai. Aapke paas hona chahiye na. Dopahar ka time hai."
With a stinging glare the old cab driver mumbbled few words under his nose, fetched his purse from the dashboard and handed over Rs 30 saying, "Paanch rupaiah nahi hai."
He turned his head and started his 1980s cab, and pressed the accelerator with an indication that its high time that I get the hell out of his prestigious vehicle.
February 18, 2010
"Boss, bas woh Kamala Mills ke gate ke saamne rok do," I ordered a young taxi driver, who at 8 in the morning, seemed much overworked after a ‘night duty’.
Pulling over his decked up cab, the boy says, "Madam, Rs 40 ho gaya hai."
I checked my wallet, only to find a bunch of Rs 100 notes. Before I could hand over one of the fresh Rs 100 note, the young cabbie uninterestingly said, "Madam boni ka time hai, chutta do."
Irked with his attitude, I continued digging my purse and checked every place where I could have hidden some money. To my relief I found a sole Rs 50 note staring at me with suffocation. Guess that note waited for its turn for a really long time.
"Dus rupaiah toh rahenge aapke paas, ya woh bhi nahi hai?" I snapped handing over the relieved note and annoyed with the delay he had already caused.
He handed over a torn Rs 10 note, I stepped out of the cab and just banged the door. That felt so good.
Ten years on and still nothing has changed in the ‘Chaacha and Chutta’ saga. How many of us struggle with this scenario in a city like Mumbai, where everyone somehow loves the feeling of owning crisp Rs 100 and Rs 500 notes. To make things worse, we also have the Rs 1000 note also.
Facing the challenge of travelling without much change in your wallet is something every Mumbaikar goes through — be it in a taxi, a rickshaw or our very own BEST bus. What’s worse, even the dosa waalas the pani puri waalas and our favourite gola waalas seem to be following their route.
But yet, even though we complain of their fussy behaviour, we cannot do much without them. Atleast I love the fact that I have to ignore the disasterous Kurla station and have the luxury of taking a cab from a nearby station without switching train routes.
I, however, cannot deny that the same fussy taxi drivers, and rickshawaalas at times come to our rescue when we need them the most, especially when rain gods decide to shower their love in this city. The madam then becomes the ‘sister’ and the boss then becomes the ‘bhaiya’. The feeling is mutual in times of disaster.
Whether we like it or not, somewhere these not-so-important ‘Chaachaa’s and Bhaiyaa’s’ become silent supporters to our otherwise horrid lives (atleast to my life).
"If there is love and passion, it is in Mumbai,
If there are dreams and thoughts, it is in Mumbai,
If there is fun and frolic, it is in Mumbai,
If there are stars and fortune, it is in Mumbai.
For Mumbai, makes us shine,
For Mumbai, makes us live,
For Mumbai, lets you meet them all!!"

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"Mangalyam thanthuna naena mamajeevana haethuna, thanthe padnaami shubagae vamjeeva sharadhaamshagam"— This is a sacred thread, this is essential for my long life. I tie this around your neck O maiden, having many auspicious attributes, may you live happily for a hundred years

Every Indian girl dreams about a moment in their life where these sacred mantras are spelled out amidst the presence of her loved ones and her beloved husband. 

Hang on! I am not married as yet 🙂 though would love to be blessed with marital bliss… but I am talking about the very essence of a BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING. The sacred thread, the sindoor, the garlands, the shehnai, the music, the fun, the food… it just goes on and on.. and the colours never seem to fade away! 

Considering it is the season of grandeur weddings in India…celebrations in this part of the world is done wholeheartedly and no stone is left unturned. But we all wonder, what is so special about our weddings, which makes the fun and frolic bigger and larger by the year?

The multi-crore wedding industry is no longer just tied to rituals and traditions. It is all about money honey! as they say. Weddings have become more global, more colourful and if I may dare to say… a mega event in the lives of the Bride and the Groom. Be it countless parties filled with music, dance, great variety of food and celebrity studded performances or expensive clothes and glittering jewelery, the Indian Wedding has become not only an occasion which brings two people together but it also celebrates the unification of two families.

‘Grand’ is the word that has over the years sub-consciously attached itself to ‘Wedding’. Having a grand wedding tops the mind of the couple and what better way than the Indian way. Though number of variations has been seen in terms of traditions depending on the cultures, the few basic ceremonies have remained untouched. The ‘Mehendi’, ‘Sangeet’, ‘Baraat’, ‘Shaadi’, ‘Bidaai’ and ‘Gruha Pravesh’ etc still remain as the core of Indian weddings, especially those residing in the north. And for my friends down south — things have not changed at all, with traditions like the ‘Vritham’, ‘Kashi Yatra’, ‘Malai Mathal’, ‘Unjal’, ‘Kalyanam’ and ‘Gruha Pravesh’ still intact. 

With flowers up north, and ‘puh’ down south, with rangoli up north and ‘kolam’ down south, with the buffet food up north and the ‘saddhi’ down south… not much has changed about the Indian wedding, but just that the scale and the grandeur has upped with time. 

With every passing Indian wedding I am a witness to, most of the times I am left agape, but with a feeling that brightens up your otherwise dull life. Thanks to a number of relatives I have, I have been on the list of invitees for almost all the weddings. I am enjoying this colourful extravaganza and hoping not to deprive myself of this experience… Because for me every Indian wedding is ultimately a BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING! 

I can’t wait for another invitation. Can you?

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I have never specifically dedicated a blog to my beloved pet Late Simba 😦 I have been missing him off late and thought the best way to remember him is to pay a tribute to him through my blog 🙂

To my dearest SIMBA,

With a heavy heart, I sit besides my window to write you some words,
Words, which I want to deliver directly to your kind heart.

My eyes roam in search of you as I look out into the open field,
Fields, which was once your dearests friends, lay still today.

With all my heart I have faith that your soul is amongst the angels above,
Angels, who took you away from all the pain of this unfaithful world.

Aeons have passed since you went far away from me, your best friend,
A friend, who misses you, your innocent eyes and your unconditional love.

You will never return again, but Your presence fills my world,
World, which was once filled with ur affection and your aggression.

I wish I could see you one last time and live those memories again,
Memories, which engulfed my life when you were close to me.

My soul dreads the day your scent disappeared from my life,
Life, which remembers you everytime I sit by this window.

Hope your happy, playful and notorious in the heavens above,
Heavens, where I shall be reunited to you as this ain’t the end!

Miss you always!!

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Firstly, let me apologise for not updating my blog in a reallly long time. Have been shuffling from office to work without much of a time to breath. Plus I have been a little handicapped thanks to a computer at my place which just refused to work until I could really shower all my love 🙂

But then now that I am back, I wish to write pages on IPL season 2. However, this time around ever since 2009 has started, the ‘your next syndrome’ has bitten me more than once, thanx to the n-number of  weddings I have made my presence felt in.

Too much is spoken about my ‘single’ status and no matter which wedding I attend, be it my cousins, my uncle’s or my friend’s, I look like the most vulnerable target of all those aunties hunting for their prospective son or the elder ladies looking out for their so called ‘brilliant’ grandson.

There is one standard dialogue that takes place between me, my mother and another aunty. "Hi, How have you been doing? After such a long time," says the most talkative aunt in the hall to my mother, alongside whom I’m standing flashing that plastic smile. My mom trying to recollect who the lady is says, "Oh! yes long time. Guess I met you at Shalini’s wedding 25 years back. So much has changed since then. Time flies."

All of a sudden the lady realises that there is a big girl standing behind my mom… She looks at me and gives me a ‘Do I know you!’ look.

Finally my lovely mom breaks her silence and says, "Oh by the way. She is my daughter Sunita."

"Hello aunty," I say hesitating a bit.

"So what do you do beta?," the lady asks predictably.

"Aunty I work for Times Now the news channel as a copy editor," I say smiling with pride.

My mother feeling a little left out says, "When we were kids we never had the choice to enter such challenging field. Today’s generation have so many opportunities to explore."

Feeling a little awkward, I continue to smile and look around the crowd trying to send my message of boredom across.

"Oh wow that’s nice…," the lady, who is all decked up in the most expensive Kanjeevarum, says and asks my mom, "So, are you looking out for an alliance for your daughter. She must be old enough to get married right?"

And all of a sudden I sing in my mind… ‘There she goes, There she goes agani’

"We have started looking out. But nothing good has come across yet," says my mom blushing away to glory.

I wondered… is it my wedding that is being spoken about or my moms.

"Do give me her horoscope, I know a lot of guys who are in the line," the lady says.

"Sure, definitely. Will hand over her horoscope to ‘Amma’. You can collect it from her," my mom says with an expression of disinterest.

"Ok then aunty I shall see you later, my cousin is calling me," I interrupt and try to run away from the conversation.

"Sure beta, All the best for your future," says the lady, whom I would ensure I never bump into the rest of the evening.

Hmph… I breath a sigh of relief and pray that I don’t bump into another lady in hunt for the perfect alliance for her son.

After the first encounter in the wedding, I just ensure that I don’t walk with mom or else I would be the soft target again. I run around with my cousins and chit chat with the world around… only to realise that my mom is still having a similar conversation with another Kanjeevarum clad elderly lady.

All this is something I have experienced in almost 10 functions so far this year… and believe you me there are numerous more to go. But irrespective of the number of ceremonies I attend, the ‘your next’ syndrome seem to be only growing on me. Perhaps, when I get married, there will someone else who will get bitten by this deadly virus.

My luck and wishes to all those who are in my league already… I am sure you will get rid of it someday 🙂

Keep the comments coming in

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