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The only thing he aspired for was this beautiful sports car and even with his graduation day nearing, he would only dream of owning that beauty, which lay untouched in a showroom. Rahul knew that his father could very well afford this dream wheel of his, and so told him that he wanted this only.
On the day of his graduation, Rahul woke up in anticipation that his father would be getting him his dream car. He was more anxious to drive the car than adoring the graduation glory. Finally, his father gave him a call into the drawing room and told him that he was extremely proud of his son and his achievement over these years. With a smile on his face, Rahul’s father handed over a beautifully wrapped gift box and said, "Son, this is for you and I am so proud of you."
There was immediate disappointment on Rahul’s face. But curiosity did not leave the young man alone. He opened the box and saw the a small nicely woven Bhagwad Gita. Instantly Rahul flared up and gave his father a look of disgust. With utmost disappointment Rahul shouted saying, "After all the money that you have, you could just afford this useless book?" Without much ado Rahul just left the holy book behind and stormed out of the house.
Rahul never returned home after that day. Being the smart guy he was, the young lad went on to become a successful business tycoon. His material wealth doubled with time and soon he was blessed with a beautiful house and an adorable family. He then felt that he should meet his father once pay him a visit. However, before Rahul could make all the arrangements to go ahead and meet his father, he received the news that his father had passed away and had left all the his worldly possessions for his son. 
Rahul felt cold and he suddenly felt the need to return to his home, where his father lived and take care of the situation there. On reaching his childhood home, instant sadness filled Rahul’s heart. He slowly stepped inside the drawing room and began searching through his father’s important documents.
While doing so, the Bhagwad Gita, which his father had gifted him on his graduation day, came to his hand. The holy book remained as it was the day he received it, untouched and neatly woven. With tears in his eye, Rahul opened the book and began to turn its pages. As he read through the holy versus, a car key dropped from an envelope taped behind the book.
Shocked at the sight of the key, Rahul took the key in his hand and read the tag along with it. It had the same dealer’s name, who showcased the sports car he desired. The date was the day of his graduation and the words read … Paid in Full.
With tears in his eyes, Rahul continued flipping the pages of the holy book and read a small note written by his father right at the back. The note read:
Dearest son,
Let me first congratulate you on this marvelous achievement of yours. You have been a great son and on his day I would like to gift you the sports car you’ve always wanted. But, I would firstly want you to pray to God and thank him for this day in your life. He is the one who will stand by you through your tough times and through times of joy. May God bless you always and give you all the happiness.
Your loving,
Flushed, Rahul took the key and the holy book, left his childhood home with a heavy heart. While seeind the drawing room for one last time, Rahul said to himself, "How many times do we miss God’s blessings because they are not packaged as we expected?". He closed the door behind him and left the house with a prayer in his lips, "May his soul rest in peace."


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Dooms December

The sudden tragic death of Benazir Bhutto has caused a nation to erupt and burn into flames… Pakistan is currently considered as the most unstable nation and seems to have lost their way too many times now. But this shocking incident has made me think about how jinxed and tragic the month of December is… Circumstances has forced me to think about few incidents which has left a lasting impact in the lives of many that occured in what I call ‘Dooms December’… There could be more disastrous events which took place in this dark month but this blog is just about some of those incidents which one can remember at the top of their minds… Atleast these tragic moments in world history will be remembered by me…

To start with, we have learnt about it in our history books and some would have been there to witness its mammoth effect in India. I am talking about the Indo – Pakistan War of 1971. Known to be one of the major conflicts between the two nations, the War’s official hostilities commenced on the evening of December 3, 1971 and went on till December 16, 1971.  This war eventually saw its end with Late Gen A.A.K.Niazi from the Pakistani military surrendering his forces to Late Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora. The outcome of the war saw Bangladesh gain independent status of a separate country. There was an estimated one to three million deaths which till date is considered as one of the highest recorded casualties ever since the World War II. The month of December had its so called ‘Dooms’ effect across the borders, while some were rejoicing victory others were crying over dead bodies and surrender.

In the early hours of December 3, 1984 at the very heart of the city of Bhopal in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate was released by a Union Carbide subsidiary pesticide plant killing about 20000 people. We all know this unfortunate disaster as the Bhopal Gas Tradegy. Considered as the one of the world’s worst industry disasters, this incident ruined the atmosphere of the city and till date the effects can be witnessed. Though there were investigations on possible sabotage and numerous legal procedures following the disaster not much can be done to the fact that even today one person dies due to the effect. There is an estimated 120,000 people still facing numerous health hazards in regards to the unexpected disaster. Not many people in Bhopal would have celebrated the new years that year with a warm welcome. With loved ones gone for ever and people yet suffering the consequences, the December jinx seemed to have played its cards yet again.

Demolition of a mosque laying at a holy hindu site. Yes, I am talking about the shocking Babri Masjid Demolition on December 6, 1992. It is known that the mosque was built by the first Mughal emperor of India, Babur in Ayodhya in the 16th century. The mosque stood at Ramkhot Hill the birth place of Lord Ram which was considered as a holy site. During a planned ceremony about 150,000 hindu activists destroyed the mosque even though there was a committment with the Supreme Court to never harm the mosque. This lead to hostile situations in many parts of the country. This tragic incident even sparked the burning down of the Sabarmati express in Gujarat in Feb 2002. Not many muslims around the nation will have sweet memories of this very day and yet again the devastating effect of December struck hard.

While the world was celebrating christmas eve and making arrangements to welcome the new millenium, passengers of the Indian Airlines Flight IC – 814 were thinking otherwise. How can the nation forget the sudden hijack of the flight by 5 terrorists on December 24, 1999. The flight was hijacked between Kathmandu and Delhi, which was landed by the terrorits in Amritsar, Lahore, Dubai and eventually Kandahar. The incident saw the death of Rupin Katyal and created panic amongst the other hostages. Eventually the hijackers released the hostages but to a what will be considered as a costly exchange. They were freed in exhange of the release of three muslim extremists. Considered as the longest hijacking in aviation history, the government was exposed and loopholes clearly came into the light. One major lapse by the Indian Government was their failure to stop the hijackers at Amritsar. On December 31, 1999 Maulana Masood Azhar, Mustaq Ahmed Zagar and Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh were exchanged for the release of the passengers. But the question posed to the Indian government is,  was it a wise decision because there were reports that these three extremists were actively involved in the September 9/11 attacks. Yet another December aftermath, left the families of the passengers in tears. A lot question that had the government taken some action in Amritsar they could have saved Rupin Katyal and not let the then recently married lady become a widow in no time.

The tension between India and Pakistan always seems to create some unexpected incidents in various timelines. December 13, 2001 one such day which the history of the Indian Parliament would like to forget, when it was attacked by Pakistan based Kashmiri terrorists in New Delhi. Known as the 2001 Indian Parliament attack, it lead to death of dozens of people and increased tensions between the two nations. Though the attack was not as brutal as some of the Indo-Pak wars and conflicts, this attack on the Indian government lead to greater hostility which would not have helped either of the nations in any way. The pressure of this attack and the rage was clearly reflected in the Godhra riots of 2002. This prolong tension just saw a stand off in 2002 in what will go in the history of India as the worst riots ever faced. The December attack on the parliament was definitely planned and the devil of the month ruled once again.

When man-made disasters occur they destroy livelihood, but when god created natural disasters occur they destroy an entire civilization. The December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake which occured triggering a series of tsunamis along the coast of landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean, killed more than 225,000 in 11 countries. Considered as the biggest natural disaster in the history of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India, the tsunami is known as the Boxing Day Tsunami. Registering a magnitude of 9.1 and 9.3 the tsunami destroyed millions of lives and homes which left the world at a state of shock. Deaths came even in the form of different epidemics that occured due to lack of clean drinking water and lack of food. Millions were left homeless and they had to restart their lives. Places in the southern part of India faced some deep consequences and washed away lives with its massive water force. The satan of December came big this time with its impact almost destroying civilizations.

One of the most controversial political figures of the world saw his end on December 30, 2006. We are talking about none other than the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Though his death was known to the world, the aftereffects and protests ruined a lot of lives in muslim countries across the globe. Saddam Hussein was executed for charges related to the execution of 148 Shi’ities suspected of planning an assasination against him. The leader was sentenced to death, but along with his death aroused massive controversies on that very day and there were mammoth protests in different pockets of the world. The death of Saddam Hussein brought major loss in life in Iraq and the nation was immersed in pools of tears rather than celebrations of the new year. Yet another attack by the December jinx in world history.

Finally, December 27, 2007 saw the end of the Daughter of East Benazir Bhutto. One of the most shocking loss in the international political circuit. Banazir Bhutto’s death has brought a nation to flames. With violence striking hard in different pockets of Pakistan, the nation has lost its complete stability. With controversies looming large around her death and her road to initiate democracy in Pakistan, millions of admirers will be mourning and praying for her soul to rest in peace. Considered as one of the powerful political women in the world, this surely is a tragic loss for Pakistan and for the world of Politics. The devil of December once again showed its true colours and brought the end of what could have been a most promising political era for Pakistan. Has the December jinx cost a nation its peace ?

So, the devil of December seems to strike with massive force destroying the core existance of humans, mental peace. This month of disasters and unsought for tragedies has left the world in bloodshed, tears and destruction over the years. Not much can be done about destiny but it seems more like destiny plays an evil game at the end of a year. Whether the December jinx will erupt again in future no one can predict. Its only time that can reveal and unfold the many more tragedies that could be on its route to destruction. As, humans we can only pray that the devil reign comes to an end and peace takes over soon. It would be a blessing for every soul existing across the globe if ever there were to be lasting peace on earth.

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Tragic tale of two countries

Some of the most influencial political figures of India and Pakistan have over the years been a prey to tragic ends. Whether it was Pakistan’s first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan or the founder of Pakistan People’s Party(PPP), Zulfikar Bhutto, the first women Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi or General Zia-Ul-Haq, the second prime minister of Gandhi family, Rajiv Gandhi or the daughter of the east, Benazir Bhutto, all of them created massive fervours in their life span and left a lasting impact in the minds of millions of cilivians across the borders.
This Blog is a brief insight into the lives of six South Asian leaders who were destined to face a tragic death.
Liaquat Ali Khan – (Oct 2, 1896 – Oct 16, 1951) Known as Shaheed-e-Millat (Martyr of a nation), Liaquat Ali Khan was one of the most prominent politicians in Pakistan. He was the first Prime Minister of the country who till date is considered to be the leader who provided a guiding light to the nation in its early years. Known for his extensive negotiations with the then Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, over Kashmir, Liaquat Ali Khan was fated to see his tenure come to an end in the most unsought manner. On October 16, 1951, Liaquat was shot twice in the chest by a man who was seated in the audience just about 15 yards away, while he was at a public meeting in Rawalpindi. Till date the exact motive behind his assasination hasnt come out from the darkness that looms around his death. The Municipal Park was renamed Liaquat Bagh park in his honour. It is said that the last words had been, "May God keep Pakistan safe". Well it seems obvious though that his prayers have not been heard yet.
Zulfikar Bhutto – (January 5, 1928 – April 4, 1979) Referred to as Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, this great politician and father of Late Benazir Bhutto served both as a President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was the founder of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) which today is one of the most influential parties present in the political circuit of the nation. Bhutto’s death was the most controversial. Though he did not fall prey to open air gun shots, he found himself trapped in a foul play. Bhutto was executed following a controversial trial for charges of conspiracy to murder a political opponent. It was very evident at that time that the move was largely under the directives of General Zia-Ul-Haq. Politics to rule a nation is acceptable but politics within the league of politicians absolutely unacceptable.
Indira Gandhi – (November 19, 1917 – October 31, 1984) India’s only female Prime Minister till date, Indira Gandhi was known for her ruthless tact for politics when she lead India from the front. The lady faced it all whether it was the Bangladesh war or the Emergency or even a victory in the re-elections. No one ever expected her to be slayed by her own body guards. Indira Gandhi was eventually assasinated due to her increasing involvment against Operation Blue Star and escalating conflicts with the sepratists in Punjab. Know to all, Indira was riddled with bullets by her own body guards machine gun, which definitely came as a major shock to the nation. The lady though is still saluted for her contribution to Indian politics and her guts is cherished till date.
Zia-Ul-Haq – (August 12, 1924 – August 17, 1988) General Zia-Ul-Haq ruled Pakistan for 11 years. In his times he overthrew Bhutto in a military coup and took over control to lead Pakistan. He was the president and military ruler of Pakistan. His martial law rule brought about n number of controversies which loomed over the nation for a long time. Though Zia did not fall victim to open assasination, his sudden death left many questions unanswered.  Zia was killed in a mysterious air crash which saw the end of his 11 year rule over pakistan along with his death. Though controversies have been pilled in regards to his death, the circumstances till date reamins unclear.
Rajiv Gandhi – (August 20, 1944 – May 21, 1991) Carrying over the responsibilty left by his mother Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi went on to be the second Prime Minister from the Gandhi family. Known for some great contributions towards the country like modernizing communications, expanding science and technology and improving relations with United States, Rajiv Gandhi’s assasination come through as yet another shock to the nation. His ongoing conflict with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) brought about his death. The animosity was so deep that he was assasinated by a suicide bomber at a political rally in Sriperumbudur. In honour of the great man himself, a Rajiv Gandhi memorial was built which attract many tourists and his followers as well till date.
Benazir Bhutto – (June 21, 1953 – December 27, 2007) Daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and also known as the Daughter of the East, saw her end in a tragic assasination. The two-time Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Bhutto was a powerful and charasmatic leader with a strong view of getting the nation to a road to democracy. After a eight year exile, she marked her return to voice her views and lead the nation from the front. But bitterness kept on building around her presence which eventually led to her assasination. The assasin shot three bullets at her chest, head and neck at a political rally in Rawalpindi. Followed which he blew himself up killing over 30 people. Though the Al-Qaida claims to be responsible for her death, fingers will definitely be pointed on others as well.
Both India and Pakistan have been in the thick of political conflicts for a very long time. Ever since the partition of Hindustan into India and Pakistan the rivalry between the nations has thickened.  Though there have been peace talks between leaders, dark clouds still loom over the Indian sub-continent. When such is the state of the two countries it becomes even more horrific with such sudden deaths of some of the most looked upon people in the national circuit. The death of all these leaders would have left a lasting impact in the minds of many. Supporters of their views will always keep their beliefs alive while opposers will try hard to let their views get burried along with their graves.
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Alright guys…..im feeling very strange writing this blog today…..thats coz there are so many mixed emotions…
Firstly….terribly sorry for our Munna Bhai….6 years in prison…..Well my heart says that such an awesome actor and icon to millions has to baid goodbye from the pleasure and happiness of the world for 6 years….its very heart felt to hear such a news especially when his contribution to hindi cinema is just countless….BUT my mind says… ONE needs to abide by the LAW…whether u me or for tht matter Sanjay Dutt….he committed a crime and he has to bear the punishment for it….he isnt a special human being that he be treated differently…. Even if in a small way he contributed to the 1993 blast which was one of the biggest terrorist attacks in our country….So many people lost their lives and must have gone thru the most unimaginable pain….This is what almighty wants, to punish all those who committed this sin and  Sanjay Dutt doesnt become a special case out here…..
Such mixed emotions in just one such scenario….i cant even imagine what he and his family must be going thru….but i have this hunch if he does remain in jail for long…his comeback will be HUGE……just like the ferver he created in his return to the silver screen with Khalnayak…..He has gone thru a lot in life… i sometimes feel like saluting him he went thru problems with the law, lost his mother early in life, his wife and his father and yet he made sure his daughter is given all the happiness…..God bless him and give him loads of strength and courage to battle this phase ……. i really wish that he emerges to be a much bigger star …..and i do believe that even if its 6 yrs in prison its for the best…only destiny knows whats going to happen next whether now or 6 yrs from now…..im sure destiny wont play spoil sport ….only time can tell so frnds lets just wait and watch ….but im proud that the law did not bend to his fame….which shows that the country does have some steel in its governance….cheers to them….and prayers to Sanjay dutt and his family….
Seconly…we have India winning the test match today….by 7 wickets…Woahhh just imagine…do we dance or do we mourn….I am proud of our team that they beat the english team on their home ground and have taken a 1-0 lead in this series…this test match once again higlighted the teams performance as one and not dependent on individual performances….every member contributed to the victory….though the english skipper played a blinder of an innings…his efforts were not supported by the entire team…..What a strong opening pair we have found…i know its too early to comment but i see loads of potential in both Kartik and Jaffer….the country need not put pressure on them as yet…and start comparing them to gr8s in the game…but they seem to be a rock solid pair…and wat more does the team want…ZACH and JUMBO are back in form….zaheers performance has scaled to better heights and the class of Kumble is just impecable…..Nice to see Sreeshant and Rp singh chip in….it always helps when the best are supported by the better….completes the team…..so happy for INDIA…Also lets not forget our batting order…finally they seem to be adding sum value on field and not only on paper…..Cheers to them and hope we bag the series….all the best for the next test….
So frnds….this is wat i have to say as of now…dunno what happens tomorrow…but keep the spirits alive…..
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Just a thought …Is it really difficult to think positive and think that whatever happens is for the best…..

I know i maybe sounding over optimistic but….how many of us have tot that we are witnessing the worst in our lives and few years down the line we thank god for that phase coz it shapes us as better human beings and teaches us the best lessons in our lives…As a kid my folks have always told me that best things in life are yet to come….and so ive always loved positive energy and have felt that the worst makes u a tough person and gives u the strength to fight various nuances in life….I still stand for the fact that whatever happens is for the best….

But is it difficult for people to stand by this tot…..y cant they leave the worst behind….sometimes i feel that when god closes one door he opens a better one instantly its just we who waste a lot of time staring and crying over the closed door….people need to just turn around and look at the open doors…Wish the world tot positive…i so hate negativity…and when it comes in me it really makes me damn restless… and i get into this stage of trance where i can really be cut throat and brutal to anyone who comes in front of me….i would advice all of u to please stay positive trust me ive experienced it in my life….watever happens is for the best we wud realize it only later….have faith in god and have faith that happiness is destined to one and all…..it just comes at different times in different shapes and forms….Dont go on hunt for it coz u may end up hurting a lot of people who find happiness in you….

Stay positive it is contagious…you could be making a difference in someones life….a smile on your face can light up millions of hearts….Dont PLease think negative…..its out of personal experience….your thoughts can bring loads of peace in your life…..so BE POSITIVE….I guess we all can do that to have a balanced life….

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Would you guys believe it….Navjot Singh SIddhu has been convicted in case of murder tht too held in 1988…..cmon u got to be kidding…but NO its dead serious….the Pujab high court has convicted him in case of murder…and the sentece wud be given in a few days time….
But what are we talking…a man who murdered the ball with his bat no matter who the bowler would be…..the man who murdered the mic with his enthusiastic, enjoyable commentary with all his siddhuisms……the man who murdered the desk of laughter champions banging it in laughter…..the man who is well know as Paaaji…..has actually been convicted for a crime…..what does this do to the Ex cricketer, commentator, Member of parliament, judge of laughter challenge…..well nothing can be said as of now…but im sure the whole country is taken aback and is shocked by this news….
Only time can telll how Paaji will cope up with this issue….and what will be the consequences…..uff….GURU yeh kya kar diya tumne…..
Khud har jagah haste the….Ab bas pray karo Sari duniya na hase aap par….
What say….this situation reminds me of one of his siddhuisms……. "You got to choose between tightening your belt or losing your pants."
which one will be ur choice paaji…..ONLY TIME CAN TELL….so all my frnds lets wait and watch…
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Govinda ALA RE!!!

Let the music play….by shamur and ITs my life by Bon jovi…being played in a govinda…..
A traditional Dahi handi….and customs which has been followed since ages and where the country celebrates Lord Krishna’s bday….
what a way to do so….playing the latest disco songs and not the ones that need to be played….have we become soo complacent and irresponsible…
Im sure we are going to have a Himesh Reshammaiya day today… also come Ganpathi… i wont be surprised if such a thing happens….
What makes me think is that are the gods also njoying this…. i guess Lord Krishna wud refuse to celebrate his birthday… and Lord Ganesha may refuse to get immersed… the loud decibles of the songs… may just deafen them….i wonder what must be the scenario in heaven… is it soo that maybe its raining so heavily tht the heavenly gods are crycing their way out… on the distress they have to go through….
well lets see….can anything be done abt this… i wonder…coz if we must not forget they have created the likes of himesh and shamur… so whos is really to be blamed…. or is it high time that they create another Meera Bhai….for such religious occasions…. ONLY TIME CAN TELL
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