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Okkk people im a little tired… i thought ill let u all know how the much hyped wedding was…. but i guess i can just tell its was ………
i hope u guys have understood…. i had a gr8 time but then lot of things disturbed me and it wasnt as satisfying to the soul … though it was fun being with cousins… but thts the only limit…
cant elaborate more.. but can tell one thing for sure…i felt gr8 coz i was showered by compliments on the reception …e veryone loved what i wore and were absolutely thrilled to see me in a sort of "prospective bride look"….. but it was fun to get all the importance…
well thts abt it.. had a nice time meeting all my cousin in ages… but apart from tht nothing was extravagent….
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Hello people…. i know everyones enjoying the monsoon season… and so am i also along with my cousin sisters wedding…. im enjoying thoroughly… well i have a frnd named Nirmal and he has to say something to as many people as he can… please listen to him and respond…..this blog is in his words…. thank u all

“Voila it is awesome”! Is the line which comes out our mouths when we eat something delicious that soothens our taste buds. We all are made up with passion and one of our passion is towards good and great food.


Friends am not here to talk about various foods and its tastes and its invention. Am here to tell you people out there that the men behind cooking these delicacies are common people whom we and the world should know as CHEF’S.


Chefs are those people who in today’s world are highly underestimated and demoralized as normal cooks or bawarchis. I do agree that some have acclaimed celebrity status but then it is not through their right way to show the world what it takes to be a chef.


Once you are a chef you are a celebrity instead you calling people, people want to meet you. Any tom dick and harry can buy and wear the uniform of a chef but to maintain it only a chef can do it. It is the love of food that pulls in men of such honour to come forward and serve the culinary art to the world. There wouldn’t be any restaurants or any hotels without chefs and same is vice versa.


I myself am a chef working for Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi (uae). My name is Nirmal Menon and am from India (Mumbai). It was my dream to be a chef and am happy I achieved it with the basic and I have still a long ladder to climb and I shall do it but by understanding the pain and love a chef takes on each step towards the top. We all go to a hotel for a function we see the chefs next to the buffet to serve us or to keep watch over the food and to refill them at required intervals. Those chefs have smiles always on their face which makes them look fresh, but actually behind that face is a man who is tired of working hump teen hours to get a smile over our faces.


It is right a chef implements over then his required hours each day and even though he is paid for his extra hours it is wasted over treatment over his aching body. Why don’t we all understand their feelings, why doesn’t the chef association look into these matters more seriously? Way back in abroad chefs are provided with low salaries and accommodations. But it is of no use as the salary they get they can’t support them selves and their families back in India. Chefs are treated miserably abroad and it is all because they don’t get good salary and breaks in this country which boasts as one of the world’s largest hotel hub.


 If it is so then why is all the chefs abroad and why there aren’t any salary increment? There is no one to appeal or reach out on behalf of these people. Remember folks they also are humans and need love and support don’t deny them. Whenever you eat in a restaurant or a hotel see to it that the food you eat is to be finished and the tip for the food must be to the chef directly by calling him out to the restaurant and making four people getting his notice as a chef’s uniform is the most attractive in the world.


So folks remember to respect them and love them as they are like babies the more you pamper the better quality you get. They never have a life of their own as they don’t have time. But they got to beat time in making the best food which will raise them against time. So spend time over meeting these maestros’s of culinary and know them and help their voice reach the world. This is not a plea from a chef to the other chef’s in the world but a respect from a chef to the people asking them to all respect and give recognition to these maestro’s of this fabulous art known as culinary art. " – Nirmal


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Hello everybody whats up …. what a sad story that INdia lost the match against the West Indies that also by one single run.. tough luck to the guys … but better luck next time…. maaan Yuvraj has found eternal glory i guess especially the way he is batting….gr8 job..
But u know more than that the buzz at my home is my cousin sisters wedding that is just abt a couple of weeks away …. and wud u believe it  … my mom and aunty talk abt the wedding over the phone for hourssssss…..
and lord when u hear them at the 4th minute and then the 46th minute they are still talking about what saree wud look gud on them and which jewellery set wud look gud along with tht particular saree…. lord how can women sit and discuss sooooooo much abt weddings….
well my mom infact has already started making plans as to how to tackle the issues of dinner on the day we all have MEHENDI on our hands… and today in the afternoon my parents were arguing is my dad wud feed my mom if she had mehendi in her hand….. lord kya kya sunna padta hai aaj kal baccho ko… hehehe
all in all the wedding season has begun and the fever is getting into all of us like wild fire… i wonder if my sis who is getting married is as excited as the others are i really wonder….well i hope she is….but let me tell u all i am sure its going to be one heck of a MONSOON WEDDING with the groom an NRI from US of A… woaahhh seems huge right…. sorry ur mistaken though he sounds huge… let me put it this way…. i pity my sister she … welll its her life and her love….
only thing that is eating my head as of now the fact that the UR NEXT syndrome is going to take over in the next 10 days please bless me that i dont get stuck into it…
meanwhile njoy the India’s tour to WI and keep cheering for our team…
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Hey people whats up with all of you… hope ur njoying life .. or ur also hit by mumbai’s humidity….
Well I would like to take this opportunity to THANK Networking site ORKUT…. coz of which last week i got in touch with one of my close friends back from junior college …. Michael James…
After 12th got over we were in touch for quiet a while and it was only the last 2 yrs that sumhow we lost contact.. thnx to his mobile numbers consistency… but finally one fine day last week i went to Orkut and just randomly ran a searchfor Michael and WHoaLAaaa…. he is registered out there and how cool was it that someone who hardly checks his mail checked it just the same day and mailed me back with his contact number….
How cool is this networking…. even sites like hi5.com … u can actually get in touch with long lost pals from school … college… anywhere u just need to log on to networking…. brilliant and absolute delight….
God bless all of u and hope u guys too meet ur lost pals
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Hello there, whats up people… well this blog is dedicated to those who have friends in some other part of the world….
One such awesome pal of mine is moving to Australia in abt a month and a half…. ARIJIT SEN ….. Good Lord I WILL MISS HIM A LOT… initially i had no clue that such a person exisits in this world wide world… but im thankful to god that i atleast know him ….
Just wonder who will talk to me about Harry Potter and WWE… who will brood about his Oasis poster request not accepted… who will brag about his failures with women (lolz kidding) …. who will be my creative inspiration…. who will sit and curse his keyboard and still manage to type  " damn my keyboard" with absolute perfection….. who will call me shuuuuuuuuuunitaaaaa…… who will boast about his helping nature towards his younger brother in his studies…. who will play with me Quiz challenges….. who will lose to get me a Harry Potter 7th boook…. who will listen to my mimickry…. who will tell me about how much they hate fardeen khan….who will complain about Discs playing pop songs and not OAsis and Rock…..who will tell me about tennis matches in the morning….who will i hire as my Personal Assistant…. who will talk to me about my dadi….. and above all who will go and PICK UP RELATIVES FROM THE AIRPORT….. who other than Arijit Sen can do any of this… NO ONE AT ALL…. Arijit AJ ill miss u dude….
OK now that i have given an OSCAR speech… AJ on a serious note… even though u wud be abt 5+ hours away from me … i wud still miss u and miss all the fun we have had… but i sincerely wish u ALL THE BEST… dont ever lose hope in life im sure best is yet to come… have a gr8 life out there … dont worry im not letting u go so fast… u see im a born parasite…. so sorry that i wud still be sucking ur blood even though ur miles away… have a gr8 time and keep in touch always…. and yaaa please dont pick up indians from australian airports… i guess they have better people to recieve.. lol kiddin
god bless u
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Wats up … people.. how is life going hope all of u are njoying.. well id like to share something really strange and funny that happened 2 days back…
It eas one of those days when none of my friends were online and i was been bitten by the ug of boredom.. so i decided to enter one of the chat rooms and have a break and see wats going on.. I enter a mumbai chat room.. and keep my pms off and just sat there listening to people talk about all the things they possibly can…
Amidst the conversation was an id.. ecstacy_techno… he sounded indian with a british accent….i enquired where he was from and he said he was in Leeds.. and the conversation continued along with another guy from delhi… After sometime the delhi guy left the conversation because he was having problems with his mic and internet connection….which left me with the indian in leeds guy… Well his name is Sunny… and he is an IT consultant and Marketing Executive in the Leeds government.. woow wat a post right… we we spoke all about india and leeds and sports and soo on…. finally i asked him what his parents were into and he replied … then he asked abt my folks and i just happened to tell him that i was in Muscat for the first 12 yr of my life…
SNAPPPPPPP….. what u were in muscat.. were his exact words… Which school were u in ??? I told him i was in Indian School Al Ghubra… and damnnnnn… he told me that he was in Indian School Muscat….and was there for almost 18 yrs of his life….and there we started … and went on and on talking all about muscat…Then he was telling me how he had lost touch with everyone and i helped in find some sites where in he cud find his batch mates… and guess what yesterday one of his batch mate actually replied back and got in touch with him….
Wow it really is a small world after all… not in my dreams i ever thought ill meet someone from muscat who is now in leeds in a Mumbai chat room… wow it was absolute fun….
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Hello people…. LONG TIME NO SEE AND HEAR OR shall i say READ,… Whats going on…Firstly, lets bow down to YUVRAJ for his fabulous knock at Rawalpindi who brought us victory in the 2nd ODI against arch rivals pakistan..
But then…. KERELA is the topic to be spoken about….. i cannot imagine tht such a place exists in INDIA…. It was one of my most memorable experiences… Had been there for an uncles wedding and one of the most organized ones ive ever seen…
We were abt 30 of us from the start… and we went to Allapey…. out there we were staying in a guest house of 5 bedrooms and huge balconies all typical kerela style… it was a rocking place and amazing for all of us to be together…the food the accomodation everything was arranged from the girls side….
i got a chance to go and check out the back waters… the beaches… woooooooow it was absolute bliss …. felt amazing a feeling i never felt before… was soooooooooooo relaxing wih i cud stay on for long… but unfortunately marriage in a house means no time to breath…. but i njoyed evey moment that i was thre right from the start till the end… a piece of advice….l DO VISIT KERELA… and carry along mosquito repelents… lol
that was the only problem rest all was perfect….
Ill keep blogging in till then… Cheer for India… and Plan a visit to Kerela… DEFINATELY, GODS OWN COUNTRY…
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